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Wood-Fired Restaraunts

Specialty Bakers

Masonry Heaters

Chimneys & Fireplaces
Efficient Appliances




Hear from expert bakers and chefs who use wood-fired ovens and barbeques!

What you need to know about properly maintaining your appliance, fireplace, or chimney

Cooking in Wood-Fired Ovens

Chimney & Fireplace Maintenance

Masons and Builders

The best of the best masons and builders discuss masonry heaters, brick ovens, chimneys, and more!

 Using the renewable resource of wood for heating and cooking

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Wood-fired Magazine

Wood-Fired Magazine
Wood-Fired Magazine Issue #10

Wood-Fired Magazine: Wood-Fired Magazine Issue #10

Featuring a wood-fired bread bakery, using mantels as focal points, recipes, crossword puzzle, prepping wood in spring, repairing masonry chimneys in spring and summer, and more!

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